est If you visited this site,
then you need help?
Probably not
you need help!
Rather, help
is neededfor Animals!

Often people think
only about

But if you look around, life goes on everywhere. And everything around you also wants to live!

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My name is Philip,
I am a volunteer!

Humane attitude to nature has developed by itself, for this purpose it is not necessary to study in higher educational institutions!

I created a rescue service and part of my relationship to the world I want to convey to people.

So, what should be done first if you have met a snake or other animal, which in your opinion can be dangerous.

Watch what I mean.

is important
to know
in the first place!

Snakes very rarely attack first, so stay calm and call for necessary services. If you need first aid, it's better to call the hospital right away.

To learn more about behavior and in general about snakes, it is possible in Wikipedia.

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